Travel  Style

Due to Corona, there wasn't much  I could style for my favorite season which is fall, given I stayed inside for the most part  and did a lot of self portrait creation instead. However being stuck inside for soo long, it was evident I needed a vacation especially being of Caribbean descent, I personally cannot be away from my second home for too long.  During the month of November which is my birthday month I decided to take a trip to Jamaica, an island I have been dreaming going to my entire childhood. When planning my trip I had to style my outfits according to what I wanted to do for the day since I planned on being active but I also wanted to reflect the colors and the tropical vibe of where I was staying.  Lets just say I  lived in each moment of this trip to the extent that I didn't get to capture all the content I wanted to.  However here's a quick look into some of the styles I sported while out enjoying paradise. 


Life's a Beach and I'm just Playing in  the sand 

  When on vacation you always want to show out in a nice bikini. I like a combo between 2 pieces and cute 1 pieces with of course a cute and trendy cover up. Pictured to left is one of my favorite bathing suits  thats perfect to show out a little skin and suits girls with curves. I am not super curvy but I  do have hips so I tend to buy bathing suits that are  cut more high waisted.  The print of snakeskin makes this bathing suit super trendy and the cut also flattered my body well. The only downside about this bathing suit was the tie knot by the waist. With the knot it made it hard to wear any of the cover ups that I brought. Luckily my friend who I traveled with lent me this cute and glitzy sarong. The sarong just fit the look and brought it all together. 


Bathing Suit - Matte Collection ($20)

Sarong - Shein ($5)


Island Gyal

I saw this two piece online and immediately knew I had to have it. Something about the colors and the cut just screamed vacation glam to me.  After purchasing the outfit I soon realized this was the look of the year on Instagram. Every stylist and influencer had this outfit but I was determined to put my own twist on it different from the versions I saw online already.  I decided to play off the off white cream colors within the outfit adding a cream mini purse and my favorite trendy cream mules- perfect for a tropical vacation.  Of course  with this look I had gold jewelry on.  Typically on vacation I wear my hair natural because the heat and humidity is too much.  Recently I've been into bedazzled  hair clips with words such as boss, love, sexy etc. This hair clip might be small but I  feel like it adds a touch of Amenkha to this outfit.   This outfit was super easy to put on and comfortable to wear. To me this is my favorite outfit I have ever styled and truly screams island vibes. 

2 piece set  - Pretty Little Thing ($25)

Mules - Missguided ($20)

Mini Purse - Boohoo ($10)

  Sporty and Cute Active look

On this vacation, I had many plans to be active including horse back riding, zip lining, and ATV riding to name a few. One of my favorite outfits to wear when I know I'm going to be very active, is bicycle shorts. They are super comfortable and easy to wear  with  anything. This was my go to outfit  when I just wanted to head downstairs  in my  hotel for something quick or traveling to an outside location on the island where I couldn't wear any of my full sheer cover ups. Bicycle shorts give your outfit an active vibe but you can still look cute or even sexy depending on how you style it.  If I lived in the Caribbean this would be my go to outfit everyday. 


Crop Top  - Pretty Little Thing  ($8)
Bicycle Shorts - Forever 21 ($5)

Sneakers - Nike ($65)


Black Girl Magic at its Finest

In the recent events of 2020 it was especially important on my trip  to represent my blackness and what better way to do that than to support a black business and do what I always do which is ooze Black Girl Magic.  A black business contacted me a couple months ago to influence for them and support their business of apparel and accessories. Unfortunately the company has deleted their account from Instagram so I cant share more of their information, but at the time I received this shirt the issue of racism was evermore prevalent stemming from the case of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and many more.  It was in this moment that the request for BLACK digital creators was in high demand. It was important for me to wear this on my vacation to show that yes, black people can afford to travel to exotic places, are educated, and are beautiful in all shades and sizes. I had this idea in what I wanted to wake up in on my birthday and for some reason I envisioned silk pants. Originally I wanted a matching pj set but couldn't find one so this was a better  back up outfit. I wanted to usher my birthday dressed in greatness and of course look cute and feel comfortable.     

Shirt - Made in Melanin Co.  ($40)

Pants -   Boohoo ($15)


Daily Travel Beauty

 When traveling all over Jamaica I practically lived in crop tops, shorts, bathing suits and my cover ups.  Unless  I was going to an event or restaurant I didn't feel the need to dress too fancy. My favorite style recently has been a mix of casual, and sporty but make it chic. My must haves while going anywhere but especially on vacation are cute shades, and gold jewelry to accessorize my outfit. I recently modeled for a cute fashion boutique in the West Village right before my trip and they gifted me several pairs of  cute shades, perfect for accessorizing all my vacation outfits . My favorite piece of jewelry to wear is my cross necklace. It is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but it also my piece of protection. Along with  a necklace you cant go wrong with some simple gold hoops.  Another must for me is to wear my curls out and proud. As an advocate of a healthy curl journey it is a must to wear your curls out whether its a wash n go , or moisturizing with light styling, it is important to let your curls breathe. I traveled to many rivers, and beaches during my time in Jamaica, so it was pointless to keep slicking back my hair wasting certain products. Instead I wanted to let my hair soak up the  minerals from the seawater and river  while also letting the fresh island  air blow through it. 

        Glasses-Mulberry & Grand ($18)

  Cross Necklace - Macy's  ($150)

          Alfonse Diamond Necklace- FouFou Jewlery ($49)

        Earrings - Forever 21 ($7)