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Travel  Style

What a year it has been. Since my last travels to Jamaica I landed a full time job in the marketing industry that gives  me the opportunity to travel the country. To simply put it ya girl is a world traveler now! I've had the opportunity to travel all over the states including making my first trip to the west coast, going back home to Antigua after 4 years, and exploring new locations such as my new favorite place , St. Maarten.  You guys know I am a certified Island gyal so its obvious I thrive in tropical places.  When planning my outfits for trips especially tropical trips  I try to style my outfits with the ideas of colors, textures, patterns, and of course outfits suitable  to what I  would be doing for the day. Here's a quick look below at some my outfits I styled while in St. Maarten.


Hues of Blue

  When on vacation you always want to show out in a nice bikini. I like a combo between 2 pieces and cute 1 pieces with of course a cute and trendy cover up. Pictured to left is one of my favorite bathing suits I wore in Anguilla  that has a 70's flare and compliments the beautiful hues of blue you find in the Caribbean.   The  contrasting pattern of design  and the cut of this bikini makes this bathing suit super trendy and flattering. 


Bathing Suit - Pretty Little Thing ($20 all together)


Brown Skin Girl

One thing I love  is a nice slinky fit dress. I love wearing dresses that have a cool asymmetric cut to them.  I also enjoy wearing colors that suit my ongoing tan so when I saw this dress I  had to have it. As someone who appreciates all shades of brown and nude this was absolutely my first choice outfit to style. We love gold accessories so you know I had to style this outfit with my favorite snakeskin textured gold heels , and a cute wood and gold purse to give it that glam but island look.

Dress  - Pretty Little Thing ($25)

Heels  - Pretty Little Thing ($22)

Purse - Marshalls ($20)


It's giving .. ISLAND GYAL

On this vacation we went  on a lot of nice outings so most of my outfits were bathings suits or day to night glam outfits.  This outfit right here was by far my favorite outfit this entire trip. I bought this two piece set maybe 2 years ago but never had a place to wear it or just got around to wearing it. Something about this outfit from the cut to the color just screamed I'm on vacation. I felt like an island goddess in this outfit and would absolutely wear this on  my next tropical vacation. I paired this outfit with straw nude flat sandals and a beige purse.

Two piece set  - Pretty Little Thing  ($25)
Sandals - Forever 21 ($25)

Water Baby

Lately I have been obsessed with the color blue especially on nails. Whether its the evil eye decoration or  patterns of blue I am obsessed!  My sign is a Scorpio so naturally I am a water baby therefore I am attracted to anything with water. Being a water baby was the inspiration behind these nails. The pattern represents the beautiful flow of water I would be immersing myself in, in St. Maarten. Blue is just my hue. 


Something Old But Make It New

 You guys have seen this  skirt before from my 23rd birthday in Jamaica. I am huge believer in  buying clothes as investments. Just because you wore an outfit once does not mean you can not wear it again and maybe even make a new outfit out of it.  I decided to use the skirt part of this two piece set and pair it with a cut out teal crop top I have had for a while. This outfit was super comfortable, and gave off  first  night in the tropics vibe. Because there is a lot  going on with this outfit I decided to pair this look with some nude snakeskin mules. 

  Skirt -Pretty Little Thing ($15)

Crop Top - Forever 21  ($15)

        Mules- Pretty Little Thing  ($25)

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