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Summer Fashion

Here are some of my favorite summer outfits I curated this season. This summer I was a big fan of a combo of sporty chic with some pops of color. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Monochrome Teal 

Every summer I have a certain to go to color thats my color for the season. Last year it was yellow, but this year it was teal. Something about this off shade of blue just compliments my tan skin and really makes my look standout. I am a HUGE fan of creating monchrome looks so it only made sense that this look be monochrome. To create some balance I added some cute and affordable accessories. 

Outfit Details:

Top - Forever 21 ($5)

Pants - Forever 21 ($15)

Shoes - Prettylittlething ($25)

Shades - Asos ($9)

Purse - Boohoo ($10)

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Two Piece set

Along with teal being one of my favorite colors, my favorite kind of outfit to wear in the summer is a two piece set. Two piece sets are super versatile, easy to wear/ style, and perfect for chic day wear to sexy night glam.

Outfit Details:

Set- Boohoo ($20)

Shoes -Prettylittlething ($25)

Blazer-H&M ($15)

Shadow on Concrete Wall

70's inspired fashion

 This summer the biggest fashion that made a comeback was 70's disco era fashion. I am a huge fan of the 70's era. Something about the 70's and the freeness, color, and flashy lights just sets my soul on fire. You can also definitely see all of these aspects shown through the fashion at that time. I also love that 70's fashion including the  elements of high waisted , slimming feature, and small cuts accentuate my natural figure. I found these cool burgundy bell bottoms from Forever 21 and just knew I had to create a look this summer.

Outfit Details:

Top - Shein ($5)

Pants - Forever 21 ($15)

Shoes - Asos ($25)

Purse - Bebe ($85)

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