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Trader Joes' Haul🥗🥑🥒🥝✨

As you guys know I love a good haul especially concerning fashion, beauty, or wellness. Last week I had the opportunity to visit my local Trader Joe's and get some super healthy and delicious foods that are perfect for a mid-day snack or a nice dinner. I recently transitioned as a vegetarian/ pescatarian for about 8 months now , and let me tell you I am LOVING it. I feel a huge difference in my body , I have more energy for the day, and the different healthy food choices I make, I know are allowing me to expand my lifetime. This lifestyle is amazing to live , however it can take a lot of consistency and is also very pricey. I love shopping at Trader Joe's because you can get super healthy and clean food items for a pretty cheap price compared to your average supermarket that has one vegan/ vegetarian isle. Would you believe that I got all these items in the picture above for less than 60 dollars?! That is unheard of in my book when it comes to being a vegetarian. Usually when I go grocery shopping I get cheap produce from a farmers market or a little West Indian market and then I would get my snacks and vegetarian must- haves from a Big supermarket. The items I got ranged from healthy juices, to fresh produce, and to healthy and low calorie snacks. As shown above here are the items that I got :

Cilantro dressing - 50 cal per 2 tsp

Organic cold pressed juice - coconut green 50 cal per serving includes

Organic No joke ginger juice shot 10 cal per serving

Gluten free multigrain bread - 100 cal per slice

Organic multigrain hot cereal - rye , barley , oats , and wheat - 130 cal per serving

Organic unsweetened coconut chips - 220 cal per serving

Strawberry Greek frozen yogurt parfait bars - 100 cal per bar

Cauliflower and broccoli patties - 100 cal per pattie

Inner peas -120 cal per serving (22 pieces )

Roasted seaweed with sea salt - 30 cal for half - 60 cal for whole container

Fresh strawberries

Fair trade organic 72% cacao Belgian dark chocolate bar - 170 cal per 3 squares

Cauliflower gnocchi -140 cal per serving

Organic string beans - 35 cal per serving

Creamy polenta with Spinach and carrots - 190 cal per serving

I have to say I have enjoyed every single item that I bought and I rate all of them 10 out of 10. The great thing also is I have a sweet tooth and yeah I can still buy things such as special chocolate from Trader Joe's and still be healthy ! What's not to love? Trader Joe's is an amazing supermarket that has a variety of stuff even for people who aren't vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian. I highly recommend this supermarket and the items I got if you are looking to switch up your taste palette , your grocery aesthetic, and trying to ball on a budget. I hope you guys find inspiration from this haul and check out your nearest Trader Joe's for some elite, healthy, and delicious groceries 😋

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