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My Top High Protein Breakfast Meals

Happy Wellness Wednesday Family! I get alot of questions about what I eat in accordance to my lifestyle so I wanted to share with you guys my favorite high protein breakfast.

I truly enjoy cooking and the creativity that is involved with the process. What I have noticed in my cooking journey is that breakfast is my favorite meal to make of the day. There is something about breakfast that pushes you to be a little bit more creative because it is the first meal of the day. You want to get as many nutrients in to your body to fuel your body and get you going through day. I know for others certain foods aren't the tastiest, so elevating it to a point where your eyes are attracted to the food tricks your brain into actually wanting to try the food.

My breakfast meals change depending on my goals for the day. For example, when working out in the morning I will go for a green protein smoothie if I did some cardio, or if I lifted weights then I will eat a more carb based breakfast like protein pancakes with a side of egg whites and fruit. What I have learned on my current fitness and wellness journey is that, the body needs specific nutrients to maintain a certain equilibrium as well fuel to keep it moving. Some of these nutrients include Protein, Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and Potassium.

As I move through my fitness journey of strength training, adequate amounts of protein, carbs, and fiber is very important for me to take in on a daily. I’m always finding ways to incorporate protein so that I can hit my protein goal and really build muscle and lose fat. Some great resources of protein I use that you can also have in your breakfast include :

- eggs (egg whites or hard boiled )

- oatmeal

- nuts( I like almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds)

- high fiber low cal bread (perfect for avocado toasts or protein French toasts)

-protein pancakes ( I make my own or sometimes use @kodiakcakes or @traderjoes )

- beans ( black beans and chickpeas are great )

- sweet potato

- chia seeds or flax seeds (great small protein and source of fiber)

- peanut butter ( I only use about a tablespoon or less because this is high in cal and fat , I also use peanut butter powder which is a better alternative)

- protein smoothie ( I usually make my green protein smoothie using a plant based protein -( head to the lifestyle section here for more- )

- low fat sausage or bacon ( as a vegetarian/ plant based eater I eat meatless breakfast patties or plant bacon )

Along with these sources of protein, carbs, and fiber I add veggies, and fruit to supplement, Vitamin A,C,D, Iron, and Potassium. My go to Breakfast meals include:

- breakfast harvest bowl

- egg white omelette with vegan cheese, fruit, and cucumber

- oatmeal topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, berries, banana, chia or flax seeds, cashews or almonds, peanut butter, and low cal syrup or agave

- Protein French Toast

- Protein Pancakes

- Green Protein Smoothie

My overall motto when it comes to anything I cook is to " Make it Healthy and Heart."This is my reminder to everyone to create food and eat food that fuels your body because when you do this, your body will love you back!I hope you guys find this blog inspiring and let me know in the comments below if you would make any of these breakfast meals!

Bon Appetit!

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