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Catch me at The Disco

Hey family ! Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share with you guys my latest curation. Recently I had the opportunity to shoot with one of my favorite photographers ( Alex) - he can be found on instagram (shootinmyshot) and as y'all know we always come up with some impromptu fire content.

Recently I have been into the 70's disco vibe and as we can see it is very evident that 70's fashion is making a come back while skinny jeans from the 80's is making its way out. I've had these bell bottom flare burgundy pants for a long time and actually wore them as one of my last outfits while working in an office. I like to push myself when it comes to fashion. I try to see how can I style pieces of clothing that I haven't worn in a while and instead create a new look out of them. I'm not really one to wear a bustier/ bandeau top but my roommate gave me this top because she thought it would fit better on me rather than her.

Taking a look at these two pieces, I knew I had a fire outfit on my hands. To add to this look I paired this outfit with pink nude mules from Asos, and to play off the burgundy I added a reddish tan crocodile skin bag from Bebe. To go along with the flirty 70's theme, I created my rendition of a Donna Summers hairstyle by pinning and twisting my natural curls. This look really made me feel like I was in my element and I felt that I was on a modern day episode of Soul Train. I hope you guys enjoy this look as much as I do and let me know in the comments what are some of your thoughts!

Outfit Details:

Top - Shein ($5)

Pants - Forever 21 ($15)

Shoes - Asos ($25)

Purse - Bebe ($85)

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