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A Casual Chic Day in Brooklyn👟✨

As a lifestyle blogger and influencer I get a lot of questions in regards my go to things and daily routines. One of the specific questions I receive constantly is what is my go to outfit/ style for a specific event , environment, or type of day. Lately my personal style has taken a turn of more casual with a mix of natural glam if need. People tend to believe that dressing casual means you go super basic and dress down. This is not true at all. For me casual means simple is more. To make an outfit casual chic, I simply add a touch of glam and accessories that will elevate the look. Pictured above is an outfit I created centered around a casual day in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was a bit rainy this day so I knew my outfit had to incorporate sneakers. You guys know I also love a good bodysuit! I feel body suits just make a good quick outfit and can be paired basically with anything. Something I have also been trying to bring back is more relaxed pants like joggers. The joggers and sneakers are a segway in to fall fashion while still keeping the outfit park appropriate. To take the outfit to a chic level I paired it with a natural glam , a playful hairstyle, and my favorite accessory which is a good purse. You cant go wrong with a good purse 😉

Outfit Details:

Body Suit - Forever 21 ($5)

Joggers - Macy's ($25)

Sneakers -Michael Kors ($200)

Purse - Bebe / Marshalls ($30)

Shades- Forever 21 ($7)

Just because you dress casual does not mean your outfit has to lose its spice. Casual Chic is my go to style and I hope it becomes yours too ! 😌 I hope this look provides some inspiration and encourages you to try and play with other styles/ looks 🤗✨

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